Pricing - Creative Photo Slideshows


To view on your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, or at a party or event

Easy Pricing for Your Photo Slideshow

Template Shows are $1 per photo


- the video as you see and hear it but with your own photos in it

- your choice of text for the beginning and ending

- downloadable

- view-able with the link on your devices

Custom Shows are $2 per photo, audio clip, video clip, and song


- one DVD with a custom designed  DVD case and disc

- or one video file on a USB thumb drive

* scanning and refreshing of prints

* all scanned and digital photos are Photoshopped to look their best

* all special effects chosen to enhance the story

* custom backgrounds individually created to enhance the impact of each photo

* custom transitions between photos chosen to make the slideshow entertaining

- you choose the songs (one minute for every 7-10 photos)

- no extra charge if you supply the song files, otherwise $2 per song

- beginning and ending titles/captions with your choice of text

- expert scanning and Photoshopping of your images

- free 10-30 minute initial consultation

- free online preview of the show

- one free simple revision (about 10 minutes of my time)


$15 for each additional DVD

$15 for a thumb drive 

$ 2  per song if I supply the song

$ 1 per photo for text (beginning and ending text is included)

From $5, for extracting sections from your videos on DVD which you already had transferred from VHS tapes or home movies

EXTRA  CHARGES at $25 per hour

- extra time for revisions taking more than 10 minutes of my time

- extra time beyond the original 30-minute consultation to help you organize your photos and the show

- video editing beyond extracting the section of the clip you want to use 

- advanced image editing, like photo restoration

YOU get the perfect show for you and your special event! YOU control the final price, because...YOU choose the number of photos and songs. 

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