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Carole Kropscot and an old DVD!

Carole holding a DVD of a person's lifetime, which was played at his 75th birthday party!

In business since 2004

Carole Kropscot started her photo business as Creative Photo Services in 2004 doing photo restoration, manipulation, sketches, and note cards. When she added photo slideshows as a new service, that part of the business took over!

Now she concentrates on using her customer's own photos, video clips, and audio files. People call these shows by various names: videos, montages, slideshows, or slide shows!

What distinguishes Carole's video shows?  Your photos are refreshed in Photoshop to look their best. Viewing time for each photo is individually chosen depending on its content and the music. Special effects are also chosen based on the look of the photos. Transitions and any other motion effects are chosen based on their story-telling effect, not just because they are "cute"! Everything is creatively chosen by Carole while listening to the music and watching the photos. The customer's taste is also taken into consideration. Slow or fast show? Slow transitions or twirly-whirly or somewhere in between!

A former French teacher, Carole's lifetime hobby of photography and years using Photoshop have enabled her to customize your photo show based on sound photographic principles. She has an ear for music and also studied music theory during piano lessons. It is the way your photos and music are blended together that makes your show so impressive!

Don't let the "home" location fool you! The magic happens with the way she uses computer software and her photography skills.

You'll get a show that exceeds your expectations! Her many customers and repeat customers attest to that! Treat yourself to an amazing show!

Carole would love talking with you about creating a show just for you. Call or email for a free consultation. All in-person contact will be done at the front door until further notice and until the COVID 19 crisis is over.


Stonepost Apartment Homes

southeast quadrant of 135th St. and Pflumm Rd.

12810 W. 136th St., Bldg. 5, Apt. 104

Overland Park KS 66221

- Building 5 is across the street from the Leasing Office

- Enter the center breezeway of the building

- Walk to the 2nd  door ON THE LEFT -  WITH THE SIGN ON IT!

- Ring doorbell firmly

- Leave any photos on the doormat

- pickup your order from the doormat


Business Hours: 10 am - 7 pm, Monday-Saturday

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