Birthdays - Creative Photo Slideshows


To view on your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, or at a party or event

Custom Birthday Slideshow Videos

Let's use your photos to make an unforgettable birthday gift!

The birthday person will love watching it over and over!

Stream it from our website anytime!

Link to it on social media!

Fun entertainment when shown at the party, too!  


Use recent photos of him or her, current family, friends, pets, vacation shots, and such.



Do a life story from birth until now.

HOW TO ORDER A CUSTOM SHOW or ask questions

- call Carole at 913-685-4681

- use Contact page to email me

You can get a good idea of my style of transitions, picture motion, and backgrounds by watching the following videos. Each customer asked for certain things, like slower or faster. Your show will be customized and personalized for you.

Custom-made Client Birthday Photo Video Slideshow Montages

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