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Photo Video Montage Slideshows

to watch on your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, and to project at a party or event

Custom Birthday Slideshow Videos

Video entertainment at the birthday party!

Present it on your big screen tv.

Unforgettable gift!

Watch it again and again on tv, smartphone, tablet, computer.

Choose either a custom-made show


a template show


- $2 per photo

- any number of photos

- your choice of music

- personalized text

- preview and revisions

- on a DVD or flash drive

- also viewable from my website


- $1 per photo

- same # of photos as the template

- same song as the template

- online viewing

- downloadable

- if you like the template but want more photos and your choice of music, I can create the same look in a custom show, so contact me for a price.

- use online order form

- pay online via order form

HOW TO ORDER A CUSTOM SHOW or ask questions

- call me at 913-685-4681

- email me at

*For a template show, select from our Template Shows and complete your order online.

Custom-made Client Birthday Photo Video Slideshow Montages

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