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Custom Shows

YOUR photos as a custom video slideshow. Some people call them a montage! Contact us for an appointment and then...

1. Gather your items that need professional scanning, such as photo prints, negatives, slides, tintypes, certificates (marriage, military, graduation, baptism), flat artwork, kid's drawings, souvenir greeting cards, and such. Set up an appointment to bring them here to be scanned.

2. Email any digital photos from your smartphone or computer to Or put them on a USB thumb drive to give me.

3. Choose any desired digital video clips. I can edit them if you can't. Contact me for ways to get them to me.

4. Choose enough of your favorite songs to go with your "photos." Plan on 7-10 photos per minute. You can use any music as long as you don't plan on putting the video on a social media website, in which case you need to own the copyright license to use it on the Internet.

3. Instead of a DVD, you'll get the video on a USB thumb drive.

4. Bring it all to us. During the COVID 19 era, you'll have to place it on our doormat instead of coming inside. Phone or email to set up an appointment. The remainder of our "consultation" will be via phone or email in order for us to get all your details. We're happy to customize your show as much as possible!

4. In a few days, we email a link to your show. Watch it and approve or ask for a revision or two.

5. Pick up your show and enjoy!

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