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to watch on your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, and to project at a party or event

Template Shows

Template Video Slideshows from YOUR Photos

Scroll down for the Template ORDER FORM

Template shows are $1 per photo.


I created these shorter shows to use when you don't need a long show for the entire life of a person.

These themed videos are ready for YOUR photos and YOUR intro and outro text.

Short videos are a wonderful use for a dozen or two or three of those photos in your phone!!!

- recent photos of a grandchild to give to a grandmother/father

- recent photos of a family to give on Mother's and Father's Day

- a year's worth of family photos for a birthday present


- If you like a theme but want lots more photos and different music, contact me to order a "custom" show." I'll be happy to personalize a show just for you with the same "look"

each template comes with its own music

- each template requires the stated # of photos

- personalize your show with intro and ending text

- only from your emailed digital photos at $1 per photo

- if you need us to scan your photos, you need to get one of our Custom shows at $2 per photo and bring the photos to us in person. Please don't mail prints!


1. Choose a template

2. Fill out and submit the Template Order Form, indicate your personalized intro and ending text, and include detailed instructions about which photos go where in the show

3. Then pay online with credit card

3. Email your photos to carole@creativephotoslideshows.com. Or upload your photos to the cloud and email me the link to it. Or ask me for a private folder so you can upload to it.

4. Receive link to video via email from us

5. Watch, enjoy, and share your show online!


- contact me if you run into difficulties with your order

- contact me if you have any questions at all

Visit us again to see new shows we've added!

Choose a Category, then a Template

Template Order Form

When to choose a "template show" instead of "custom"

- if all your photos are digital (you don't need me to scan them)

- if you have the same number of photos as the template allows

- if you accept the music used in the template

- and, of course, if you find one you love that suits your purpose!

Benefits of Template Shows

- lower cost

- quicker turn-around time

- no need to come to my office

What you get with a template show

a video to watch on your computer, tablet, or smartphone

- ability to download video at no extra cost

- ability to share the video online and post it anywhere yourself

Physical Options

- DVD in personalized case ($15 extra + postage if mailed)

- the video file on a thumb drive ($15 extra + postage if mailed)

- can be mailed for the cost of mailing it

- can be picked up in person

Included Template Customization

- beginning and ending text

- choice of first and last photo

- and if you number your photos in their order of appearance, I'll put them in the show that way!

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