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Other Occasions

Click on the occasions below to see custom shows for these events.

Alternatively, click on Template Shows to find a template that would be appropriate for your number of photos and event.

A Year in the Life of Babies and Children

Bar and Bat Mitzvah


Mother"s Day and Father's Day




Valentine's Day

If you don't see your occasion on our website, please ask!

Browse through our templates. We can tailor a custom show with the same look but your songs and more photos. Other custom shows are created from scratch based on your needs.


Read the following lists to find out what works for you.

CUSTOM Photo Shows

- when some photos need to be scanned

- photos are fixed up in Photoshop

- your choice of music

- any # of photos

- any video length

- photos in specific  order of appearance

- variable viewing time for each photo

- personalized intro and ending text

- additional text at $1 per caption

- preview show and get revisions

- DVD in personalized DVD case or

- video file on

- cannot be posted on social media due to music copyrights

- but you can share to the show on our website

- you usually come here for driveallspecificthumblinkin-person appointment

- but can also create a custom show if you can send us all photos and instructions

- $5 per song we obtain for you

- $2 per photo

TEMPLATE Photo Shows

- all photos are emailed to us

- digital photos only

- same song as template

- same # of photos

- same length

- limited amount of choosing photo order

- personalized intro and ending text

- watch video on Internet or

- download video

- can be posted online anywhere

- pay online when ordering

- receive link to show via email

- no charge for music

- $1 per photo

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