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Tips for Preparing Your Photos

1. Choose photos, any size, assorted sizes, prints or digital

2. Take prints out of albums or frames

3. Arrange prints in order of appearance in show and number them on the back with a pencil or a post-it note number

4. Number the digital photos by adding the number to the beginning of their title or by writing a list on a piece of paper

Preparing your Prints for Scanning

- let us scan them for free if you can bring them to us

If you cannot bring your prints to us,

- please DON'T put them in the postal mail due to possible loss or damage.

- please DO get your prints scanned locally where you live and mail or email us their digital files

- please learn how to hold your phone both still and parallel to your photo if you try to take a picture of it with your camera or phone

About your Digital Photos

- don't send thumbnail photos, because they're too small for your show

- do email the actual individual photos 

- do email a link to a folder of photos from cloud storage services like Dropbox, iCloud, OneDrive, etc.

Numbering your Digital Photos

- Realize there's no easy way of letting us know your desired order for digital photos unless they are numbered to fit in with your scanned photo prints.

- Know that original photos from your camera or phone contain the date taken, with which I can organize your photos chronologically.

- Know that photos you download from Facebook, etc. no longer contain their original title or date taken information, so you'll have to tell us where to put them in your show.

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