Custom Shows - Creative Photo Slideshows


To view on your computer, smartphone, tablet, television, or at a party or event

Custom Shows

YOUR photos as a custom video slideshow. Some people call them a montage! Contact us for an appointment and then...

1. Gather your photo prints, negatives, slides, tintypes, certificates (marriage, military, graduation, baptism), flat art work, kids drawings, souvenir greeting cards, and such! We'll scan them to put in your show. Choose digital photos, too.

2. Choose enough of your favorite songs to go with your "photos." Plan on 7-10 photos per minute.

3. Choose a photo and text for your personalized DVD case and for the surface of the DVD disc.

4. Bring it all to us. Plan on a 15-20 minute consultation.

4. In a few days, we email a link to your show. Watch it and approve or ask for a revision or two.

5. Pick up your show and enjoy!

Follow these HOW-TO STEPS

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