Creative Photo Slideshows

We create the show for you!

Why Photo Video Slideshows ?

- to entertain guests at a party

to give as a lasting gift

- to enjoy the story that your photos tell

- to preserve memories

- for all occasions, personal or business

We transform YOUR photos into a Video Slideshow

- $2 per photo

- includes scanning of your prints, slides, & negatives

- includes fixing up your photos in Photoshop

- either (or both) one DVD in a personalized case or your show on a USB thumb drive

- can be watched on your smartphone, television, computer, tablet, or projected at an event

Here's what you do -

- click or tap on your occasion in the MENU

- see sample videos

- contact us for an in-person appointment

- or maybe we can do it all by email

Three women in living room watching television

Why our custom photo shows are so well loved!

- They don't look like a DIY project!

- They bring out the emotions from the photos!

- People want to watch them over and over! 

Ways to get your show

- a DVD in personalized case

- a video file on a USB thumb drive

- an online video

Where we post your video

- usually posted on our website

- sometimes posted on our Vimeo website

- sometimes posted on our YouTube channel

- can be posted privately

Using your new videos

- If you want to download your video, you can use it anywhere you want.

- Put the video on your phone so you can watch it offline.

- Put it on your own social media sites.

- Put it on your own youtube or Vimeo channel to watch easily anytime

Get your show on DVD and/or as a video file via download or on a thumb drive

  • anniversary-25
  • graduationDVD copy

Beautiful, personalized DVD case

  • 60yrspng
  • 80bdcase

People love watching photo shows!

  • Bride and groom watch the video of his wedding

Videos to play at your party and give as an unforgettable gift!

YOUR photos as a video montage slideshow! Be amazed at the impact you feel as you watch your still photos as a video! Instead of a do-it-yourself show, let Creative Photo Slideshows produce an impressive photo show for your special occasion or event!.

Become one of our many happy customers who exclaim, "It's much more than I expected!"

You choose your photos, and we create a video you can watch on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or television. You can put it on your own website or share it on social media sites.

If you choose to get it on a DVD, you get a personalized DVD case and disc with your choice of photos and text.

How It Works

You gather together your photos, choose your favorite music, and take it all to Creative Photo Slideshows. Carole will create a custom, one-of-a-kind photo show for you to share with family, friends, co-workers, school mates, team mates, etc. Use it as publicity for your business on your website or social media. Get it as a DVD or a video file.  Watch  it  on your television, computer, smartphone, tablet, or project it at an event. $2 per photo. $2-5 per video clip. $1 each for more than 2 titles. $15 each for additional DVDs with personalized DVD cases or $5-7 each for plain square cases. Plan  on about 10 photos per minute of music. Totally customizable.

How Did You Live Without It?

You'll love having a new way to enjoy your photos! Get your photos out of their albums, shoeboxes, cameras, and phones! Make some choice selections and put them in a new order to tell their story.You'll be astonished by the amazing impact of a moving video slideshow! From photos to DVD, or to a video file you can put online to share. You'll want to document and preserve all the stories of your life!

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